Tired and Craving for Candy Canes
Hello tumblr, this blog might not have a lot of shit on it, but hey, I wasn't here to impress people.

Might post some of my own cosplays and artwork if I feel like it. But mostly all you'll hear are my possible rants/complaints, giveaway reblogs, and other annoying shit you might not like seeing on your dashboard.

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Aaaaaaaaah~!!! I met Frankie through an ex of mine, so he’s actually one of those ppl I get to talk to and spend time with offline as well as online.  We’re pretty sappy, so it’s funny you’d put spades, but I’m sure we’d be pretty swell rivals too, tbh~

Except I’d kick his ass at everything and then he’d probably cry.

he says all this knowing i can pick him up and toss him around like a rag doll

which i think he might like a little who knows he’s a creepy dollboy

we are bitter rivals in the realm of rattling bones, though.

Yeah, but I bite and scratch, and go for the eyes.

I’m sorry if this is inappropriate but…



so my brother was doing something weird in the front yard in his underwear???


and the next thing i know……


Do you live in a Sims game


"Hey remember when you used to wear graphic tees everyday and you - "image

"Remember when you used to overedit your pictures and post them on - "image

"Remember in grade 7 when you -"



Squish Swissroll/Logcake Charms

๑ $3.95 

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