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Franciium is an anagram of foods I like; french fries, rocky road ice cream, apple pie, chocolate bar, ice cream, iced coffee, udon noodles, and mango pudding. It has almost nothing to do with the chemical element.

Aside from work and university stuff, I spend most of my time playing Animal Crossing, talking to my friends here on tumblr or in person, sewing cosplays/plushies, and making terrible puns to cause said friends to groan in agony. Often you may see me in the CronKri tag, making sure it's clean of reposted nonsense or the ocasionally a single AU post or two. Very rarely a fanfic...or should I say FRANfic.

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why was i asked to upload this to tumblr


These are peonies not roses but whatever :P Wanted to practice drawing flowers.


Day 10: Favourite Grass Type

So pretty and deadly

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